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Why Is Website Content Important?

Engaging and interesting messaging focused on a potential client’s needs will help build your brand and increase clients and profits. A beautiful website with terrible messaging will often turn people away.

How Can Blogs or Newsletters Help Your Business?

Blogs are a passive way to interact with your clients, and your posts serve to convey your personality and values. The more a potential client can learn about you, the more comfortable s/he will feel hiring you for their health and coaching needs.

Newsletters are a simple way to remind your clients how you can help them while educating them about what new products or services you provide. Newsletters point to new features on your website (e.g., blog posts), your social media pages, and other campaigns you’re promoting. According to Campaign Monitor, “when it comes to purchases made as a result of receiving a marketing message, email has the highest conversion rate (66%), when compared to social, direct mail and more.”

How Can a Content Writer Make My Website Sound Like Me?

Good copywriters can glean your Voice and your passions from a conversation, which they can then match in writing. In the initial phone call and emails, I’d get to know about you, your business, your clients, and your values so I can best frame all content so it sounds like you. You also approve all text, so everything posted or sent sounds like it is coming from you.

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