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On the First Day of Fall

When I was a kid, I used to get excited once spring hit—the days got longer and warmer and it meant that summer--with its long, slow, hot days—was coming.

As an adult, it’s fall I look forward to. While the days cool down and the year is winding down, I get reflective. Cooler weather, warmer sweaters, and the excitement of winter is what I long for. Even with modern day conveniences and even California winters require little, if any, preparation, I’ve started to use fall to prepare for winter, but in a more self-reflective sense.

For me, fall is for cleaning out what no longer serves me—literally. As the leaves die and fall, I reflect on what aspects of my life—physical, spiritual, mental, emotional—need to fall off and be swept away. I release these things so that once winter hits, I can spend the time working through the aftermath of letting go. The last few years, I’ve spent more time trying to live simply, shedding what doesn’t serve me while reminding myself of what I truly value and pondering the things that I need to change to make me a better person.

As of right now, I have no idea what I will uncover about myself as I feng shui my house and deep clean my fridge, but the work—even the work I’m not a fan of—excites me in the same way that warmer weather did when I was a child. And the preparations I made and the realizations I come to will support the work of the long winter nights.


Posted on  22/09/2018 08:22 I really love this idea of using fall the clean out and let go and then following that up with spending winter recovering from that process. I think the seasons allow for that. It feels like part of the natural rhythm. We are forced to be indoors more (at least, in most parts of the world) and we are able to do the work because we can't get away from it. Good thoughts!
Posted on  22/09/2018 09:50 Love this, Julia. Thanks for sharing.

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