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On Merging My Two Passions

When I quit my corporate job, it was to start an energy healing/life coaching business in the hopes that I'd be able to make enough money to do my own writing. To help fund my new business, I got an ongoing freelancing gig with a college textbook company.

This worked out well for about a year—until the textbook company did some restructuring, causing my monthly income to reduce by quite a lot (~75%). This, in turn, meant I needed to find more freelancing gigs. The problem with this was that I never saw the freelancing part of my life as a "business"—it was simply a means to an end—so I didn't have the infrastructure in place to promote myself. 

In addition, throughout the year, I often wondered when I was going to have time to write. Starting a business is hard and I got to do some writing, but I was so busy trying to promote myself as an energy healer/life coach that so much of the writing I was doing was marketing materials and blog posts. It was more writing than I'd been able to do before and it was writing that I loved doing, so I didn't complain about it, but the question of how writing and editing—what I'm truly good at—and energy healing/coaching went together baffled me.

A bit frantic about what was next, I decided to attend a business conference put on by Danny Iny and his team at Mirasee at the beginning of December. I was hoping the conference would inspire me to move forward with both businesses. 

As part of the conference, I was offered a 30-minute consultation with a business coach, and took it. I explained my issue to this coach, hoping she'd have some insight on how to better promote the energy healing/life coaching aspect so I could soon focus on that. Instead, she had a brilliant solution: merge the two businesses. Add copywriting to the business and market it toward life coaches—many of whom want to focus their time with their clients, not writing copy

To be honest, the suggestion completely shocked me—although I enjoyed copywriting, I'd never considered it. However, the more I thought about it, the more sense it made, but with a couple tweaks—copywriting for personal development, holistic health, and spirit-/faith-based businesses. Because I understand these businesses and their purpose, I know how to sell them for other people, allowing them focus on their clients, where they really want to spend their time (because let's face it—I love writing and I know I'm a unicorn because of it—few people I know love to write or even know where to start). 

Because I spent years exploring alternative therapies for my own health issues, I have a general understanding of what is involved, the science behind it, and the effectiveness of these modalities on health.

Because I'm a certified energy healer/life coach and because I've worked with them,I can explain the importance of these services easily for others.

And, most importantly, because I spent over a decade simplifying very scientific documents for the lay reader, I'm well positioned to explain the impact these services/therapies can have in a way that everyone can understand.

So, with this in mind, I'm beginning the new year with a new service that isn't so new to me at all—it's just an extension of what I believe and do, just for others as well as myself.

Having said all that, I'm not stopping energy healing/life coaching, I'm just promoting it more passively, more organically. It's a calling I take seriously and I plan to continue it--but it's clear after a year of trying to promote it that it's time for a new direction.

So, what's next? Rebranding is in order; and I'll be picking a new name and updating the website to better reflect the writing business. For now, feel free to click through the site and see if copywriting services are something that your business can benefit from. Also, check out my New Client Special—services are more affordable than you think.

Think these services can help you? Schedule a free copywriting consultation.

Think my services can help someone else you know? Send them my information—I promise I'll take care of them.


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