The Blacksmith Writing Story

How We Started

After 15 years of technical writing and simultaneously working with holistic health practitioners for her own health, Julia Renee Black saw a hole in the market that she was uniquely qualified to fill.

She saw the need for simple text that clearly reflects the importance and effect of the conscious community and holistic health practitioners.

With an eye for detail, an intuitive ability to see the best path to marketing, and a keen knack for marketing others’ voices, Blacksmith Writing staff are well qualified to forge the message each company needs to express its values and promote itself, leading to increased business and more clients.

Why We Exist

It was with the desire to bring more validity to the conscious community that Blacksmith Writing came to be. The goals are simple:

Help others market their business specifically for the online space.

Show website visitors the business owner’s personality and values, better helping them to gain more clients.

Effectively communicate the science behind holistic health and spirituality in terms the layperson can understand.

Give people with only a secular and western medicine background enough information to see that holistic health practices are effective, safe, and scientifically backed.

Julia Renee Black


When I was 8, I remember reading a book called 12 Bells for Santa by Crosby Bonsall and declaring to my parents that I was going to write a book called “12 Chocolates for the Easter Bunny.” Though I didn’t finish my story, this was my first memory of a life that has been shaped by words and writing.

When college hit, I majored in English and the workload helped me realize a couple important things about my writing. The first was that writing was incredibly easy for me regardless of the topic or the length (although I did better with shorter essays); the second was that I was very good at deciphering what a professor wanted and writing to the topic.

Other Projects

I’m passionate about a lot of things so I do a lot of things. Click below to learn more about my other projects.

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This three-week course covers the basics of starting and organizing your business-related blog.

Website Content

My blog on covers topics that are spiritual and personal.

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